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Aguas Buenas
Alto Alonzo
Alto Bijaguales
Alto Las Esperanzas
Alto Las Esperazas
Alto San Juan
Alto San Juan - Pacuarito
Alto de Alonso, Barrio Sinaí
Alto de San Juan
Arenilla de San Pedro
Bajo Las Bonitas
Barrio Boston
Barrio Cementerio
Barrio Cementerio - Los Almendros
Barrio Ciudadela Blanco
Barrio Cooperativa
Barrio Duran Picado
Barrio El Aeropuerto
Barrio El Hoyón
Barrio España
Barrio Finca Municipal
Barrio Hospital Viejo
Barrio Juan Pablo II (entrada de campo Santo de Pavones)
Barrio La Finca Municipal
Barrio La Lucha
Barrio La Pradera
Barrio Laboratorio
Barrio Las Américas
Barrio Liceo Unesco
Barrio Los Angeles
Barrio Los Pinos
Barrio Los Ángeles
Barrio Los Ángeles
Barrio Lourdes
Barrio María Auxiladora
Barrio Nuevo de Pavones
Barrio San Andrés
Barrio San Andrés - Res. El Bosque
Barrio San Francisco
Barrio San Francisco
Barrio San Luis
Barrio San Rafael
Barrio San Valentín
Barrio Santa Cecilia
Barrio Sinai
Barrio Sinaí
Barrio Unesco
Barrio Universidad
Barrio Universidad Nacional
Barrio Valverde
Barrio el Invu
Barrio el Llano
Barrio el Prado
Barrio la Pradera
Baru- La Alfombra
Berlin de Páramo
Brisas de Cajón
Buenos Aires de Platanares
Cacao de Baru
Calle a Pedregoso
Campamento Vargas
Campamento de Paramo, Division
Campamento vargas
Canaan de Rivas
Chimirol de Rivas
Chucuyo - Chimirol
Ciudadela Blanco
Concepcion de Platanares
Condominios El Poro - Palmares
Cristo Rey
Cristo Rey - Platanares
Cristo Rey de San Pedro
Cristo Rey- Platanares
Cruce Brasilia
Daniel Flores
División de Páramo
El Brujo
El Chucuyo (Canaan Rivas)
El Hoyon
El Hoyón
El Hoyón (Parte Alta)
El Jardin - Campamento Vargas
El Posito
El Relleno
El brujo
Fila Altamira, Cajón
Fila de San Marcos
Fátima de San Pedro
General Viejo
General Viejo - La Linda
General viejo
Guadalupe de Rivas
Guadalupe, Rivas
Herradura de Rivas
Invu El Clavel
Invu el clavel
Jardín de Páramo
Juntas De Pacuar
Juntas de Pacuar
La Alfombra
La Angostura
La Bonita
La Bonita de Rivas
La Bonita, Daniel Flores
La Ceniza
La Ese
La Esperanza de San Pedro
La Fortuna de San Pedro
La Gloria de Savegre
La Guaria
La Guaria - La Palma
La Hermosa
La Hermosa de General Viejo
La Hermosa- Calle la Arepa
La Linda
La Linda de General Viejo
La Lucha-Daniel Flores
La Magnolia
La Magnolia de Barú
La Palma
La Perla
La Piedra
La Piedra - San Ramon Norte
La Ribera
La Tormenta
La Tormenta - Boston
La Trocha
La Union de San Pedro
La Unión de San Pedro
La bonita de Rivas
Lagunas de Barú
Las Brisas de Cajón
Las Brisas de Daniel Flores
Las Cenizas
Las Esperanzas
Las Juntas de Pacuar
Las Lagunas
Las Lagunas de Daniel Flores
Las Mesas de Pejibaye
Las Palmeras-Daniel Flores
Las Tumbas
Las brisas
Linda Vista de Miravalles
Linda Vista de Rivas
Loma Verde
Los Chiles
Los Chiles.
Los Reyes de Daniel Flores
Mercedes de Cajón
Miraflores de General Viejo
Mollejones de Platanares
Monte General
Monte Laurel
Monte Verde Volcan de Buenos Aires
Montecarlo de Cajón
Morazan - Quebradas
Morazan San Valentin
Morazán - Miravalles
Ojo de Agua
Palmares - Calle Jara
Palmares - Condominio el Poró
Palmares - Palma Coco
Palmares Centro
Palmital de Rivas
Paraíso de Cajón
Peje de Repunta
Peñas Blancas
Piedra Alta - Cerro de la Muerte
Pilar de Cajón
Pista Las Lagunas
Pista Las lagunas
Platanillo, Barú.
Pueblo Nuevo de Cajón
Pueblo nuevo de Rivas
Quebrada Honda
Quebrada Vueltas
Quebrada honda
Quebradas Arriba
Quemado de Cajon
Quemado de Cajón
Residencial El Bosque
Residencial El Valle - Villa Ligia
Residencial Halder
Rio División
Rivas, Linda Vista
Rosa Iris
Rosario de Pacuar
Sagrada Familia
San Isidro Centro
San Andres
San Antonio de Pejibaye
San Antonio de Río Nuevo
San Blas General Viejo
San Blás de General Viejo
San Carlos de Platanares
San Francisco
San Gerardo de Rivas
San Ignacio de Cajón
San Isidro
San Isidro - Barrio España
San Isidro - Barrio Las Américas
San Isidro - Sector cementerio
San Isidro Centro
San Isidro Centro - Ave. González
San Isidro Centro - Barrio La California
San Isidro Centro - Barrio San Rafael
San Isidro Centro - Barrio Wilson
San Isidro Centro - Ciudadela Blanco
San Isidro Centro - INVU Hospital
San Isidro Centro - La California
San Jerónimo de San Pedro
San Juan Bosco
San Luis
San Luis Gasotica
San Luis morete
San Pablo-Pejibaye
San Pedrito
San Pedro
San Pedro
San Pedro - San Jerónimo
San Rafael Norte
San Rafael Norte - Barrio Monserrat
San Rafael de San Pedro
San Ramon Norte
San Ramon Sur
San Ramón Norte de Páramo
San Ramón Sur - La Ese
San Valentin
San Valentin - Morazán
San Valentín - Morazán
Santa Ana de San Pedro
Santa Cecilia
Santa Cruz de General Viejo
Santa Elena
Santa Elena de Cajón
Santa Juana de Barú
Santa Lucia de Pejibaye
Santa Margarita
Santa Marta de Cajón
Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa de Rio Nuevo
Santa Rosa, 50mts Norte del Templo Católico de Sta Rosa
Santa Teresa
Santa Teresa de Cajón
Santiago de San Pedro
Socorro de Platanares
Tajo Fila de San Marcos
Tambor de San Pedro
Tinamastes - La Alfombra
Tirra de Rivas
Tirrá de Rivas
Tres Piedras de Savegre
Tres Rios - San Jose
Unesco - Duran Picado
Villa Argentina de Platanares
Villa Argentina-Platanares
Villa Ligia
Villa Ligia - Calle Licho
Villa Ligia - Calle de Licho
Villa Mills
Villa Nueva de Río Nuevo
Vista Hermosa ,Villa Nueva
Volcán de Buenos Aires
san ramon norte
Perez Zeledon (719)
Puntarenas (1)
San José (718)
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Real Estate | Property for Sale in Perez Zeledon 

Real Estate property for Sale in the San Isidro city area and surroundings. Homes, lots, farms, in the city, with city view, valley view and more features.
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Imagen Listing 6649
New Listing 4  2.0  4 
Land with 4 bedroomHouse, 1 cabin and a green area - 6649
Homes | Houses For Sale
Pedregoso, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 3,624 m2 (0.90 Acres)
Property near San Isidro Center in Pedregoso area, with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Also a 2 bedroom - 1 bath wodden cottage. It has lots of green zone a...
Asking Price $172,222 USD
Asking Price ¢93,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 4883
 Property with Sign
Great location, construction to flip or tear town, nice flat, gardens - 4883
Homes | Houses For Sale
Barrio Las Américas, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 500 m2 (5,375 Sq. Ft.)
Construction Size: 150 m2 (1,613 Sq. Ft.)
The property is located in the nice neighborhood of Barrio Las Amnéricas, in outskirts of the city of San Isidro, just one mile away from the central ...
Asking Price $148,148 USD
Asking Price ¢80,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 6872
New Listing 2  1.0 
Working Tilapia & Fruit Tree Farm - 6872
Farms | Ranches For Sale
Las brisas, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 8 Ha (19.76 Acres)
Construction Size: 250 m2 (2,688 Sq. Ft.)
Working farm with an area of 8 hectares of 5 tilpia ponds with annual production of 10,000 kilos of fish, 1000 mamon trees which produce over 25,000 k...
Asking Price $325,000 USD
Asking Price ¢175,500,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 6875
New Listing 2  1.0  1 
New house log cabin style - 6875
Homes | Houses For Sale
Rivas, Linda Vista, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 2,778 m2 (0.69 Acres)
Construction Size: 60 m2 (645 Sq. Ft.)
New house with only two years of construction, cottage style, built entirely in Chilean pine treated against attack by biological and environmental ag...
Asking Price $170,000 USD
Asking Price ¢91,800,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 6040
 Video Available Available Map
Oil palm farm, starts production in 2016 - 6040
Farms | Ranches For Sale
General Viejo, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 11 Ha (27.17 Acres)
11 hectares property, planted with oil palm, has two years and starts production in 2016. There is a contract with Palma Tica Company that is valued ...
Asking Price $264,815 USD
Asking Price ¢143,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 4501

Breathtaking views property just 30 minutes from San Isidro - 4501
Farms | Ranches For Sale
San Juan Bosco, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 1 Ha. + 7,489 m2 (4.32 Acres)
The property is located in the community of San Juan Bosco, a nice rural community just about 30 minutes South from San Isidro and up in a nice fresh ...
Asking Price $46,296 USD
Asking Price ¢25,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 3980
 Available Map Property with Sign
Lot with great potential in San Isidro's Neighboring community - 3980
Home Sites | Building Lots For Sale
Pedregoso, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 2,104 m2 (0.52 Acres)
- Priced to sell. - Great location for commercial property or apartments. Any business related activity may succeed here. - Corner location with fro...
Asking Price $235,000 USD
Asking Price ¢126,900,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 6757
New Listing 3  2.0 
3 Bed room home, and the option of segregating can be valued - 6757
Homes | Houses For Sale
Villa Ligia, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 1,171 m2 (12,588 Sq. Ft.)
House cement, ceramic and terrazzo floor, 3 bedrooms (2 with closet) and 2 bathrooms, kitchen and garage with wooden type ceiling, recently the window...
Asking Price $157,407 USD
Asking Price ¢85,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 6871
New Listing 6  1.0  2 
House 2 floors , 6 bedrooms , with nice views - 6871
Homes | Houses For Sale
Barrio Los Pinos, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 174 m2 (1,871 Sq. Ft.)
2 floors Home, lower level biult in concrete-wooden walls and upper level is built in Perlin. Home of 6 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and predicted for 2 more ...
Asking Price $64,815 USD
Asking Price ¢35,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 4411

Home sites for sale, La Palma, just 10 minutes drive to San Isidro - 4411
Home Sites | Building Lots For Sale
La Palma, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 607 m2 (6,525 Sq. Ft.)
The home sites are located in La Palma area. A nice community just 10 minutes drive from the city of San Isidro. Power, water, phone and internet s...
Asking Price $13,489 USD
Asking Price ¢7,284,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 4915
Office building, home-officebuilding - 4915
Offices For Sale
Pedregoso, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 201 m2 (2,161 Sq. Ft.)
Construction Size: 350 m2 (3,763 Sq. Ft.)
200 meters property with a two storied building. The value of the property, if completed and based on a quick analysis is at least $189,000 USD ...
Asking Price $138,889 USD
Asking Price ¢75,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 6771
New Listing
House and commercial premises, to be built near San Isidro - 6771
Homes | Houses For Sale
Barrio Cooperativa, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 360 m2 (3,870 Sq. Ft.)
The land is located near the school and Assumption College in San Isidro de El General. The project is for the construction of a house room upstair...
Asking Price $240,000 USD
Asking Price ¢129,600,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 4779
Reduced 5  2.5  3 
5 bedrooms home, 2 story construction, cool climate, nice views - 4779
Homes | Houses For Sale
San Rafael Norte, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 2,006 m2 (0.50 Acres)
The property is located just about 10 minutes from the city of San Isidro, in a nice higher and fresh climate area, nice yards with fruit trees and a ...
Asking Price $120,370 USD
Asking Price ¢65,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 2499

Comercial land in San Isidro - 2499
Commercial Property For Sale
San Isidro, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 1,098 m2 (11,804 Sq. Ft.)
Great Commercial location with front to the Interamerican Highway and a Secondary National Road. Great location for a car dealer or business with h...
Asking Price $1,650,000 USD
Asking Price ¢891,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 4849
Reduced 3  2.0  2 
Large house with breathtaking views, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms - 4849
Homes | Houses For Sale
Tirra de Rivas, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 4,425 m2 (1.09 Acres)
Construction Size: 200 m2 (2,150 Sq. Ft.)
The house is located 20 minutes away from the city of San Isidro, in a nice fresh air and amazing views area, 4wd is not required but preferred. In...
Asking Price $138,889 USD
Asking Price ¢75,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 2004
Available Soon! 4  3.0 
Beautiful house in la Angostura, 4 bedrooms, 3 bath, nice lot, rural - 2004
Homes | Houses For Sale or Rent
La Angostura, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 1 Ha. + 4,870 m2 (3.67 Acres)
Construction Size: 316 m2 (3,397 Sq. Ft.)
Just 25 min from downtown San Isidro this beautiful property has a 4 bedroom house all with closets, 3 spacious bathrooms,2 living rooms, internal gar...
Asking Price $295,000 USD
Asking Price ¢159,300,000 CRC
Monthly Rental $900 USD
Monthly Rental ¢486,000 CRC
Imagen Listing 3976
 2  1.0 
Cabin up in the mountain, remote, great set up, next to river, fresh - 3976
Homes | Houses For Sale
Herradura de Rivas, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 4 Ha. + 3,613 m2 (10.77 Acres)
This property is a beatyful cabin up in the mountains near the entrance to the Chirripo National Park, up at 1600 meters of altitude. The property ...
Asking Price $259,000 USD
Asking Price ¢139,860,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 3594

Nice property with 2 wooden homes near San Isidro - 3594
Homes | Houses For Sale
Barrio La Lucha, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 1,812 m2 (19,479 Sq. Ft.)
The property is located just a few minutes from the downtown center of San Isidro. The property has a steep section and the rest it´s with a nice slop...
Asking Price $101,852 USD
Asking Price ¢55,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 3093

Town house / close to everything - 3093
Homes | Houses For Sale
Santa Cecilia, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 728 m2 (7,826 Sq. Ft.)
Construction Size: 120 m2 (1,290 Sq. Ft.)
This house is located very close to downtown San Isidro, less than one mile (1 km). Ideal for someone who works or has a business in town. The land...
Asking Price $260,000 USD
Asking Price ¢140,400,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 6874
New Listing
Land with house, fruit trees, on main road - 6874
Home Sites | Building Lots For Sale
Los Chiles, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 929 m2 (9,987 Sq. Ft.)
Land with excellent Geographic location , with availability of all public services and bus service out in-front. It has green area, fruit trees and a...
Asking Price $83,333 USD
Asking Price ¢45,000,000 CRC

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Great location, pastures with valley view, streams, forest

Farms | Ranches
Morazán - Miravalles, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 28 Ha (69.15 Acres)
$495,000 USD
¢267,300,000 CRC
3 bdrms, 1 bath, great location in San Isidro city, private and secure

Homes | Houses
San Isidro Centro - Barrio San Rafael, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 310 m2 (3,333 Sq. Ft.)
$111,111 USD
¢60,000,000 CRC
Nice land for commercial activities or development

Home Sites | Building Lots
Nandayure, Guanacaste | Northern Pacific, Guanacaste
Land Size: 10,000 m2 (2.47 Acres)
$112,000 USD
¢60,480,000 CRC

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New Listing!
Lot of usable land, utilities, well located next to local highschool

Farms | Ranches
Pejibaye, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 2 Ha. + 2,960 m2 (5.67 Acres)
$180,000 USD
¢97,200,000 CRC
New Listing!
Plant production of plastic containers for sale

La Garita, Central Valley, Sector Valle Occidental, Alajuela
Land Size: 1 Ha. + 3,595 m2 (3.36 Acres)
$3,900,000 USD
¢2,106,000,000 CRC
New Listing!
Nice house close to Escazú.

Homes | Houses
San Felipe De Alajuelita, Central Valley, Sector San José Sur, San José
Land Size: 73 m2 (785 Sq. Ft.)
$40,000 USD
¢21,600,000 CRC

Nice lovely home, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, 2 car garage
Homes | Houses
Caballo Blanco Cartago, Central Valley, Cartago Sector, Cartago
Land Size: 178 m2 (1,914 Sq. Ft.)
$117,000 USD
¢63,180,000 CRC
New Listing
1 bdrm house with large social areas, detached apartment
Homes | Houses
La Linda de General Viejo, Perez Zeledon, Cartago Sector, San José
Land Size: 1,141 m2 (12,266 Sq. Ft.)
$125,000 USD
¢67,500,000 CRC